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DIY Paint Splash Jeans

I get a lot of questions when I wear these jeans on where I bought them. I feel so proud of  myself when the compliments pour in. Anyways let me share the secret with you. To make the jeans you need 

  • A pair of plain jeans, works better on a lighter wash denim
  • A variety of nail polish colours
  • Time on your hands

Now here is how to create the magic.

  1. Lay down the jeans on a flat surface. Use an old cloth or the grass outside as a base to avoid a mess. Nail polish can be hard to remove from surfaces.
  2. Go crazy and pour the nail polish over the jeans. Splash on the jeans the variety of colours as you like them to appear. You can also paint if you like the paint brush effect as opposed to splashed paint.
  3. Leave on the surface for about 1-2 hours to allow to dry properly
  4. Wash and Rock on babe.

I know you will love this DIY and I bet many of you will run home to make this. Tag me on your posts on social media when done. Mwaaaaa1 2 3 4