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Time Saver Tips

20161002_080016Having a 9 to 5 job while your heart calls you to follow your passion all the time can be hectic. I love my job, its pays the bills and affords the trips and shoes I love. However my passion is fashion. I try by all means to fill all my hearts desires. Doing this means time is very limited in my life. Using time wisely is key. I have so much to do in the 24 hours. I don’t want to be burnt out yet I don’t want to give up & be lazy.I just have to make a plan & make things work. After all the saying goes “Beyonce has the same amount of time each day as we do”. So here are of my tips for time saving for the girl on the go with multiple dreams to achieve.

  1. Prepping outfits the night before. I go to the gym in the mornings so I need to see all the things I need the night before I sleep. This helps so that I don’t forget one shoe or take the wrong sock. Check the weather for the next day to be safe. I save at least 30 minutes of my morning time with just this.
  2. I am always on a budget. Making my meals for the day ahead at home is part of this goal as well as my health goals. I make smoothies for b-fast and my lunch and snack meals the night before. Believe me you will save time in the morning boiling eggs & packing lunches.
  3. If you need to study, read or do research. Do it while in the taxi, bus or train on your way to school or work. You can always browse social media later. This really helps me with research papers & books I am reading in general. Plus I hate morning chatter. If you drive to work, use the time to think about your plan for the day ahead and what you want to achieve.

I am striving to improve myself and achieve a lot and this is hard, but the little minutes count. I honestly don’t adhere to three of the above all the time but I try my best & have about 70% right. Its only you who can make the changes you need. Lets work hard to achieve those dreams.