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DIY Off-Shoulder Shirt

Hi guys. As you know the off shoulder trend has hit us like a storm & I am loving it. When I go out shopping I often see quite pricey ones at stores like Zara & H&M. In my mind & honestly my budget, the cents were not coming together. I then saw one that looked like a shirt on Instagram & knew what I  had to do. Where there is a boyfriend, there is a way (in more ways than one). I took this shirt and I decided to make an off-shoulder top for myself. Its really easy and you don’t even need to be a sewing pro to do it. I paired it with my favourite favourite jeans which don’t fit as well anymore because of weight gain. But the journey continues with that. This look makes me dream of a holiday I have never been to. If you see me more than 10 times wearing this shirt please don’t blame me. Make yours and share the results. Tag me @dineostyled on social media.  See below on how to make yours.6 3























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To make you will need

  • Sewing machine or needle & thread
  • Old shirt (Your Man’s or your dads). Also try second hand stores, they always have shirts.
  • A sewing thread, pins, scissors & an elastic gutter

Place the shirt on a flat surface. Draw a line just above the shoulders, make sure its straight. Cut on the line. Please be careful as not to cut too low as you might remove the arms from the shirt. Once done, fold the edge and pin together (as shown in picture). Sew to close but leave the edges open. Thread the gutter through with a safety pin and sew the edges of the gutter together to avoid it breaking. Iron and you are ready to rock.