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Cape Town Food Festival

Dumelang. I am so excited that Spring is finally here. In Cape Town the sun is finally shining. That means there will be lots of events happening in and around the city. Cape Town is a city full of adventure and things to do. There is always something to explore. I plan way in advance because I am a budget freak. I am blessed to have a job and to do some of the things I want. I work with the Lord to make what he gives me go a long way. Planning is key for me. I don’t like surprises at all. There are events you cannot exactly plan for like gigs that come up or an artist performance at a club etc.

On Sunday the 26th July I attended the Cape Town street food festival. I had been looking forward to it for the longest of time. It was ohk for me. I didn’t appreciate the set up that much. It was at the side street studios in Woodstock. Parking was impossible to get which is the norm for Woodstock. Then there was the issue of space. I had hoped it would be at a more open space where you can see all the food vendors. It was really full and I found it hard to move. The food that I had was great and the vibe was good. Lots of good looking people there.

I wore the Punk & Ivy Skirt as a dress

Sunglasses from Spitfire

Blazer was thrifted

Shoes for Trenery at Woolworths

Bag from Zara

For Summer 2015/16 here are some events I will be attending. Hope to see you there. Please say hi & let’s take pics.

Rocking the Daisies 1 to 4 October 2015, check here for more details

The Spier Secret Festival on the 29 & 31 October 2015, check here for more details

Guguletu Wine & Lifestyle Festival 6 to 8 November 2015, check here for more.

Littlegig 24 Hour Festival 13 to 14 February 2016, check here for more details.

The Grand White Dinner Cape Town- 13 Feb 2016; Pretoria 12 March; Joburg 02 April & Durban 16 April 2016. Check here for more details

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival 1 & 2 April 2016. Check here for more

Besides these I will be travelling a lot. Lesotho is on my radar. The Karoo is on my list and The garden Route.

If you haven’t yet, try some of them. Some occur in cities across the country so check their websites for more details. Enjoy.

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