I Read What I Like

The Blessed Girl by Angela Makholwa

I got this book as a highly appreciated New years gift from the partner (formerly known as boyfriend & has been upgraded, age issues etc). It’s not the type of book I would pick off the shelve but I really appreciated that he knew I love black authors & if they are female, even better.

The prologue gives the idea of the life of a blessed girl. We all have heard & may have been close to women referred to as such. The book tells the story of Bontle Tau a Joburg girl who is a blessee. I delves deep into different aspects of her blessed life & her family life. I wish it had ended a bit differently but I appreciate the angle the author was trying to portray.

I read the book over two days. Its really an easy read & the story is simple to follow. It’s worth the read to get a glimpse into the lives of the blessee’s, fictional or not.