Cape St Francis Bay

My girlfriends & I hosted a get away for one of our friends who is getting married soon. The locale suited the occasion so well.¬† We went away¬†from our homes to celebrate love & friendship. I didn’t want to share this as it was not my moment to share. But, after my colleague made a comment that & said that I am very lucky I get to travel to such places & I must be getting paid a lot, I thought maybe let me shed some light. It made me sad to hear that. Because she assumed travel is meant for some & not others.


We all knew our girl was getting married at the end of the year. We all knew we wanted to do something lovely for her before she goes builds her home. St Francis Bay was an easy choice as one of us had been there before & it was close enough for our bride to be. Plus it’s so beautiful, no one can say no to it.

We stayed in a 4 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms. Best decision ever. The house was so lovely & felt like our own. It was private and secure & water facing. St Francis Bay is beautiful & my images do it no justice at all. Also, its located in the Eastern Cape just outside of PE. A hidden gem for most.


I wont give you a break down on every cent spent etc. But what I want to let you know is that you too can travel.It’s not meant for a select few. Planning is key. Many group plans fail because either the commitment was not there or plans were not executed well. We knew waaay in advance that we wanted to travel so we needed to save. So we started saving centrally for over 7+ months. Know beforehand how much everything will cost & agreed how much to contribute. Whether you are going to Dubai or Durban, know your budget & plan.

Agree on whether e.g. travel costs are separate if you live in different cities like we do or if you in the same place, whether you will save up for car hire, flights etc together. Budget for meals & drinks. That’s one thing people take for granted & it can become a mess if not controlled. Our budget basically contained everything. We saved so much by planning ahead. Unless money sleeps in your doorstep, spontaneity can be costly.

I guess my point is, plan, plan, plan & then commit & commit to the plan. It was one of the most fulfilling trips of my life & not it did not cost us that much.