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Paternoster aka Little Santorini

This little west coast town had been on my list for a while. When a moment of rest came up, I could not think of a better place to go & rewind. The town is about a 1,5 hours drive outside of Cape Town on the west coast. It’s really a hidden gem. Very picturesque hence of course it has been on my list. A part  of me thinks the town was inspired by Santorini in Greece or a similar town. Maybe since I have a desire to go to Santorini, I see it where it doesn’t exist, or maybe it’s the theme with all these coastal town in SA, so I found on another trip.

I won’t even share my accommodation pics because we had an airbnb nightmare, but story for another post. I really loved how quite it was, or maybe because we didn’t go during peak season. It’s so small that as a black tourist you really stand out, politics & legacies of our country really messed us up. Anyways……

The town is really beautiful as you can see. Most restaurants served fresh sea food. If you are not a Capetonian you would love this as some restaurants prep the fish as you order. Plus the food is really affordable. I had my fresh oyster experience which at a price of R350 for 12 Oysters plus a bottle of MCC, I was happy to survive on.