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Wish You Bought It Here?

So my friends & I have been chatting about the traps of what seems to be a greed obsessed entrepreneurship in SA. As you know, the internet & mostly social media has opened up doors for small businesses to thrive and get their products to the people. Many of us troll Instagram to order what we deem exclusive products that we can’t find from mass retailers.

Just a few months ago I myself stumbled across a Chinese online shopping site pointed out by a colleague. There I was, lost in a site with thousands of products. What shocked me was that I saw a lot of the shoes, sunglasses & bags that all the it girls (Slay queens) have been slaying us with on Insta. Only difference is  that they cost a fraction of the price charged on these insta sites.

E.g. a pair of block heels or perspex heels cost ± R200 on the site.On Instagram they cost ± R1500. A set of those oval make-up brushes cost R40 on the site. U try buy them from Instagram, a whooping R850. Of course we want to & do support businesses. But is this not being ripped off. Is it not being greedy charging a profit of over 500%?  Is that really good customer service?

I saw these cat-eye white sunnies on Insta & I really wanted them. Luckily they were available on the site. They are currently going for $4 (R59) on the site. Believe me there are people selling them for R400 a pair.

Anyways the site is called The stuff take months, I mean about 2-3 months to arrive but if you are patient, you will get your desires.