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My Spaces – Dressing Table

Following on to my spaces, another of my absolutes is the dressing table. When I was younger I once went to a friends house and the mom had this wonderful dressing table with a chair and huge mirror. I had never seen anything like it before. I knew that one day when I live in a my own space that I can curate, I definitely want such a dressing table. I am still on the hunt for one. Meanwhile the top of my chest of drawers is the “dressing table” for now. I love it because if I am putting on any make-up I can do it standing & be quick about it. I also have birds eye view on all my foundations, BB Creams, lipsticks etc to see which one I want to try for the day. My ultimate view is the DIY perfume tray. DIY because it’s actually a photo frame used as a tray. I really love perfume and I foresee quite a large collection coming. I believe in a great mix of affordable daily scents and some luxury ones which I use sparingly.  I like to keep things simple & cheap so I use some of my extra bowls etc as dressing table ware. I hope this give you some ideas on how to maximize the use of space for yourself.