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Spier Secret Festival


Hi guys. So last week the boyfriend & I attended the Spier secret festival on the wine estate in Stellenbosch. This was my first time at the estate. I had often heard of their lovely gardens & restaurants from friends who had been there for company functions and other events. The festival came as the perfect excuse to soak up the lovely weather and take a road trip. The drive was very short from where I stay as they are situated just off the high way. The estate is lovely and true to their wine heritage, the wine is great too. But this is coming from some-one who doesn’t know wines at all. I loved their prices on bulk wines & the discounts. They also have a lovely restaurant with a refreshing menu that was also light on my pocket. The food from the food trucks for the festival got me feeling some type of way. I left there with my second stomach full too. I often fear going to these places because I think the prices will just be over my ability & I would walk out of there without as much as a slice of cheese. I would recommend you go there with someone and enjoy the food, view & of course the wine. I will be taking a drive there sometime soon to get a lovely Basotho blanket I saw in their store.  You can find details on Spier here. I wore a DIY jumpsuit from while back & white brogues from Woolworths

What To Wear

For me, I always dress for the occasion. As this was my first wine festival, I imagined a lot of lovely dressed people in the sun and picnic blankets. Yep I was right. The vibe is exactly what you would rock to a picnic. Be comfy, there is some walking to do and its mostly grass so avoid heels that will dig into the grass.

What To Do

There are food stalls, there is the Eight resturant which sells delectable food. There is a huge lawn for relaxing & taking it all in. Its actually also a perfect place to take kids. There are lots of families there & kids running around. And yes the obvious wine experience. There were reduced wine prices, yeeeeeey. This is the perfect setting for a weekend chill with friends and loved ones.

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