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Everyday Scents

I like people who smell good. I am more open to engaging with them. And I am not talking about men, I really love a girl who smells good. I  might be wrong but hey, good smelling people are just easier to dealwith. Anyways I buy a variety of perfumes, some pricier than others. I wear perfume almost daily. I like these ones from Zara because of their affordability. They are packaged well & are just right on the pocket, we are talking less than R300 for most. I also buy some Avon perfumes for my day to day.

I am a rural girl & so perfumes like my YSL & Lancome stay for occasions, maybe its s rural mentality. Do some of you guys think the same or is just me & surely one of you who keeps some perfumes or scents for special moments. Are you the type of girl who rocks Dior daily & forget the rest of us rocking Avon for the office? Please share your thoughts.