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Bushfire Music Festival

MTN Bushfire festival, where do I even begin. My friends & I did our second trip to the music festival in Swaziland.It’s become clear that this will be a tradition. Since this was our second time,we planned a little better. We started planning some time last year but officially we put together funds in Jan/Feb. We decided to save centrally together to motivate each other. We also bought tickets early while they were cheap.
The festival itself is quite amazing. Very different from the daises which in gave my experience of here & here . This festival is definitely more mature and family friendly. For me it has been quite an experience. The drive alone from Joburg or Durban is quite scenic. Some people fly from Joburg to Manzini. This year we drove via Mbombela which added yet another item to my travel list. Mpumalanga is a beautiful place.

We arrived early in Friday, this is advisable if you want to get all your tags and camping done before sunset. Also directions to Malkerns where the festival is held, are not always so clear. Friday is spent by most setting up and getting ready for the night’s show. Then its braai dinners or the infamous chicken dust from the vendors. The performances are epic every night & the Swati boys re quite easy on the eye (if you’re looking)

The weekend can be spent at various stages exploring various music. Or you can lawn around & catch up learning Swati & sounding cool for a while. Others spend the day at the campsite playing games and meeting new people with glasses filled to the brim smoking that good swati ish. It’s truly an experience and worth the time. Try it, open your mind & world.