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Go On That Date

Again I talk about avoiding putting things off because I tend to do that so much, but I am learning to live for me. For example I would see a lovely cafe or restaurant that I want to try out. Then I would imagine a friend or someone I want go to the place with. Often it does not happen because 1, people don’t live according to my schedule & 2, they might not even be interested in the place. So a lesson I am teaching myself is to go on dates by myself more often. Learning to go eat good food with myself & really take in experiences with just myself (and camera). Anyways go on that date alone. After all, you are the company you keep. 

What I’m Wearing

The dress is a vintage gem from one of my many vintage dresses. The bag is from @dineostudio (available for purchase from R80). The shoes are from Jet, guys we have been sleeping on Jet. The buyers have either been replaced or they are now smoking some great weed in their buying department.