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Simple Sandwich

Pregnancy can have you craving all sorts of things & wanting a variety of tastes in one plate. Like wanting to have salt & vinegar chips bathed in ice cream or chicken feet with mayo. I for one some times have the weirdest cravingsbut I am not even the slightest pregnant…… (Got you there for a sec). Anyways one of my weird things is craving a variety of tastes all day. Most of which I cant buy & I need to DIY. So I go crazy with pantry items and make some mean dishes. This one is really good & simple. It combines everyday easy kitchen items for that quick convenience. For study days, working from home or just lazy weekends spent on a series marathon. Enjoy.

Take basic pantry ingredients, I like a variety of weird things but this is a good combo.

First spread your fish, anchiovet spread (thick please)

The add a layer of baked beans

Top with bacon. I used round bacon but any type is good. Bake it to get a crisp from it

Finally top it with Tabasco sauce. Mustard weirdly enough goes well with this combo. 

Sit back with a glass of a cold cider or wine or beer & savour. Life is too short for only healthy food.