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Are We The Men We Wanted To Marry?

I was reading Nicki Minaj’s interview on the December issue of Marie Claire. In there she speaks about a lot, but one of the statements she makes is

We have and keep achieving the things we used to want in the men we hoped to marry

This caught my attention I & read past it again & again until I understood for ME what she meant. I just thought it was a very profound way of looking at things. MeĀ for example, I know no life where a man has provided for me as my father passed away when I was very little. So my Mother has always been the figure I looked up to for support & to provide. I left home with the intention of achieving more & striving for me. Social media on the other hand has provided a window into other peoples lives. We can now see whether fake or real how many women have all the qualities which have bee traditionally “reserved” for me. I mean they own mega businesses, own the luxury houses, drive me fastest cars & splurge on themselves. It’s a great time to be a woman in 2017 where it’s possible to really chase your dreams & goals. Yes, things are still hard for us to break some barriers, but dammit we are doing the things. Anyhow’s I think Nicki’s point was that she can provide for herself & she wants a man that can do the other things. Like the respect and the less headaches. Question, since we work the same jobs, pay the same bills etc , what more can they do???

Disclaimer: This is not my car.I had this pic & it goes well with the story.