Colour Corrector

I have been trying to understand the world of skin care and make up products that work well with my black skin. I use the bare minimum when it come to make up to keep things simple and not overdose my skin with products. I imagine many of us see products that look beautiful and we are tempted to try them out. So I thought I could do a short series on what the different make-up terms mean & what benefits they could have for your skin. First off are these Avon CC pears. Let’s try to understand what CC products are all about.

Colour Corrector products (CC) are meant “correct” imperfections on the skin such as redness, dark circles, scars &blemishes on the skin. The products contain different coloured pigments that are meant to target areas of concerns on the skin.

1.Do you need colour correction?

Not everyone needs CC products. If you can cover up and get and even glow by just using foundation &/or concealer, then you don’t necessarily need CC products. Products such as the pearls can be used to highlight and give an added glow. Otherwise don’t go on a spending spree on them.

2. What Colours Correct What Concerns.

  • redness: green corrector
  • mild stubborn redness or rosiness: yellow corrector
  • brownish dark circles: yellow or peach corrector
  • sallowness/yellowness: lavender corrector
  • dark circles, fair to light complexion: salmon corrector
  • dark circles, light to medium complexion: peach corrector
  • dark circles, medium to dark complexion: orange corrector
  • dark circles, dark to deep complexion: red concealer

So for me the Avon CC pearls are great because they contain little pearls in all the different colours. I use them over foundation or alone depending on the mood. They give me a little radiance and glow. I use a powder brush to slightly dap on the skin.

Otherwise choose wisely with make-up, You don’t need everything that is out there.