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Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

Its a new month in a new year so I am starting a new tradition on the blog. Reading has become a huge part of my sanity. I read when I need to be at ease, when it hurts and when it’s difficult. I read when I am carefree & relaxing, and I read to nurture my soul & mind. African literature & Africanwriters are my favourite because I can relate to their stories & I support African writes. The first book I want to share with you is by Taiye Selasi tittled Ghana must go.

The book is bout Kweku, A father who dies suddenly while living in Ghana. The story tells the journey ¬†of his family whom he abandoned years before in the USA. His “ex” wife & children have to travel back home for his burial & in the process re-discover their father & each other as a family. It tells the story of siblings, forgiveness and really how we function as families. African one’s to be precise. How we don’t really share our emotions.

I really loved reading this because the author starts the first chapter with the death of the father & it made me yearn for the story of his death & how his family deal with it. I related a bit because of my own story with my father is similar where he died & there are so many questions on the why that I need to know. Fathers & abandonment is hard enough without the person leaving this life without explaining himself. Anyways if you are looking for a good read to add to your list/collection, give Selasi a chance.

I also pair a book with a wine I am loving at the moment. This months wine is from Simonsig Wine estate in Stellenbosch Western Cape. Its called Gewurztraminer, quite a mouth full. But it tastes really great if you are into sweet yet subtle wine. My friend Lineo introduced me & I have been cheating on other wines since. I really also want to visit their estate, soon I hope.

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