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Zimbali Resort

Durban is such a beautiful city. I have been there quite a few times but I never truly give myself the opportunity to be a tourist and experience it. This past December on my way home, my friend Unathi took me there for brunch which I was both excited and scared about. Excited because I wanted to see it. Scared because images from Insta make it look so glorious and I was afraid it would blow my holiday budget. That is the very reason I wanted to share these images with you guys. Yes we perceive things to be beyond our reach most of the times. In this instance I am talking the things like restaurants and places to hang out etc. We will often deem them unreachable because we think Oh well I cant. I say just go to the place & if you take the menu & you honestly cannot afford it, leave. Yes it will feel veeeeeery embarrassing but no one knows you and your situation better than you. What I love is that menus for many places are available online and you can assess before you go. Most times you find that its the same price as you would pay for Spur but because in your head that’s all you can go to, then you always go there. Try new taste experiences in 2017. ¬†You can visit places like Zimbali for day passes and have a great lunch with a beautiful view while still on budget. I am all for living within our means. No need to wait for a blesser to take you.
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