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Who I Am!


Home, that one place we now “visit” because we have created our own homes elsewhere. For most black young women, we move out of home, often from small towns & villages unheard of. We leave for the cities to pursue the dreams that haunt us. Sometimes we leave because others before have left & so it’s became tradition. Sometimes we leave because there is no choice besides to starve. My story is no different. I left home years ago to pursue a University degree which has led me to where I am today. It has been such a hard road. It still is to be honest. But at the core of it all I am just
Dineo from a village in Matatiele. I am the daughter of the most amazing Mother who raised us from nothing. Even today I am still in awe & wonder how on earth she did it. Every time I go back home, I am back to being the village girl I am, not was. I still very much cook outside, not because we don’t have a stove etc, but because that’s how it’s done. My mother will wring your neck if you cook samp, steamed bread or such on the stove. unless it snowed. I took these pictures to catch a glimpse of the multifaceted girl I am. I love style and shoes, but at the core of it all, I am Dineo, a village girl living in a city trying to nurse the dreams and objectives that haunt her. Stay styled out there, village or city. Never allow your past or present dictate the You, you want to be. Stay strong & know that sometimes, that village mentality they so often drag through the mud, is what will build you.

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What I am Wearing

Two piece silk set from a vintage market in Green Point & the Shoes are from Topshop.