My Summer Skin Care

As I grow up, I have become somewhat obsessed with taking care of my skin. I guess its all that teenage acne that got me freaked out that it might come back so I am always on my toes. I have a fairly simple but consistent skin care routine.

  1. I use a mask about 4 times a week in the evenings & currently I am loving this Neutrogena one. It doesn’t dry out my skin & it cleans well.
  2.  For cleansing I have fallen for this clinique pep-start 2-in-1 cleanser & exfoliater. See my review of the product here but all in all its a great sensitive cleanser.
  3. I use the sonic brush to tackle stubborn dirt to avoid black heads 7 funny things popping up on my skin (although I can’t avoid them on PMS)
  4. I honestly love the Lipodol cleansing facial oil, see my review here. It just takes away everything  so well & I see it in the water. After my 1st rinse my skin is clear. I only use it if I was wearing a BB cream or foundation otherwise I just use a face wash.
  5. The Clinique hydroblur moisturiser is great for Summer because no one wants to shine & this is just the product for that.
  6. Some days (very few) I wear foundation & right now I am using the Clinique even better range. I love it because it covers up well & feels light. Also it has skin care repair properties.
  7. Last but not least Sunscreen in my life. For Summer I use this Eucerine one because it’s SPF 50+ & more importantly it mattifies. My skin is an oil well in Summer so sunscreen that Mattifies is worth it.