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The Bride’s Maid Honour (Horror)

It’s Wedding season & many have been or will ┬ábe asked to honour the bride by being their maids for the occasion. We all know how African weddings can span over days and often across cities and villages. This means if you agree/d, you must take the time off & dedicate it to the bride. Those who are asked often agree because hey, what an honour to be asked to be part of some-ones big day. I for one have not yet had the honour bestowed on me. (On another note why are my friends not getting hitched). One of my friends was a bride’s maid & it scarred her from ever being one gain. She recalled how the bride made demands on them on how they should behave, smile & pay attention to her (the bride) at all times. She snapped if one of them missed a step or dropped the trail of her dress, God forbid it caught a whiff of dust. It made me wonder how I would react at being treated as such.

Is being asked to be a bride’s maid as always honourable as I imagine? Of course you are there to assist the bride, but are you forbidden to also slay & take a few (lots) selfies with all that hopefully great make-up? Should you just take it like water off a ducks back & be mindful that it’s her big day so she is stressing?

Please share your thoughts & experiences!!

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