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My Cape Town Summer Wish List

My Summer wishlist of things, places & food is quite long. I constantly want to do things & my budget just laughs so hard at me. So planning and involving others to share the cost are some of the ways I get to tdo the things I like. Between December 2016 & March 2017 these are some of the things on my list. So if anyone wants to take me to any of these places, you will make my Summer. 

  1. Babylonsteron is definitely on top of my list for the Summer. I have yearned for a while to visit the farm. Last week while driving to the Champagne festival, I passed by & wanted to go in instead. The images I have seen are beautiful & the universe is listening
  2. Camping with my friends. I have seen some great camping spots around Cape Town & all the time I think, how great would it be if I went with the girls &/or boy/s. The inside guide mentioned a few & one of them is on my list.
  3. Hiking was my love for a while & then I got lazy, I want to spend my Saturday mornings hiking around Cape Town until I can’t anymore when the rainy season starts
  4. Wine Farms are thee destination down here. I have been to a few, Spier being one that I like. I bet I will be going back for their events very soonest.
  5. Beach Party. Unfortunately alcohol is not allowed at the beach so maybe not a party as much as it can be all my friends swimming & laughing at the beach
  6. Mountain Cottage escape. I know it may sound boring but that’s exactly what I want, to escape for a night or 2 in a mountain, hike & hear no cars for a while.

Amidst all these things, nothing beats going home to the Eastern Cape/ KZN and having access to all the mountains, peace & tranquility for free. 1 2 3

Images from the Inside Guide & Google