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The Gift Guide

I think a lot of men struggle with getting  the appropriate, useful, appreciated gift for the women in their lives. From personal experiences and observations, I think we can use some help with hints. 

  1. Magazine subscriptions are always heart-warming. Women love magazines & imagine a monthly gift from you to her, she will truly thank you. Check the magazine she normally buys/reads. Subscriptions are cheap & for 12 months every month, your gift will be delivered to her.
  2. Perfume, I believe once a woman has chosen her scent she sticks to it, so if you know it then buy it for her & she will love you for it, promise
  3. Books. Unless she is not into reading of which most women are, a gift card to a book store or book that relates to things & topics she loves is great. I know I would love one.
  4. A weekend away. Even it’s to the next town will be appreciated. Be creative & listen to what her interests are. Time away together will be much appreciated.
  5. Tickets to fashion week/her favourite musician/live shoe etc. For me this is the most important rule of all, the gift should be something she will love otherwise it will be returned or re-gifted.
  6. If you are going  for clothes, look in her closet & what she normally likes to wear & buy. If it’s something she already owns, top that with the latest design, colour or cut, she will appreciate that you know her style & taste. NB: Just because she shops at Mr Price, doesn’t mean you have to go there too. Try the same look from Zara or Topshop (don’t hog the Randela’s).
  7. If you are really finding it difficult to choose a gift, then take her to her to the mall & ask to choose what she wants. This way she gets her hearts desires & it’s all from you. State the budget if you must, but if she ain’t no Gold-digger, she will know what you can afford & take that into consideration; otherwise buy her KFC if she acts mad & starts digging for Gold.

I hope this helps you make your lady happy this festive season & for many other occasions. Remember, don’t wait for an occasion, the best gifts are the spontaneous one’s.2