Bagditta For All Your Bag Needs

Hi there. You might have seen from previous posts here & here, how obsessed I am with this bag. That is because I wanted this bag for the longest of time. I first saw a glimpse of it from Instagram & I knew I wanted it, specifically in yellow (sponge bob hello). So I sent a message to my bag lady Evodia from Bagditta to apply her magic & make it happen. I thought I would share her with you guys because I truly believe in supporting black women & their businesses. You can find bagditta on Instagram¬†here. So far I have ordered two bags from her & both times the service was amazing. My order came packed safely & neatly. The packaging felt personalized & I could tell she took care in putting it together. Small businesses like her’s are amazing because in a way you become one of the few people who own an item, which we all know is nice. Mass retail can be a little (a lot) annoying. Wherever I go with it some one will compliment the bag (&me), its nothing short of a statement bag. I bet sponge bob is proud of me.

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Sunglasses are from the FIX SA, Bag is from bagditta (here) , Shoes from Mr Price (I know I was amazed too) & the dress is of course vintage