Golden Sneaky Summer !!!!!

Hi guys. This skirt is one of the few “treasured” items from mass retail that I own. Normally ” treasured” is for all my shoes & vintage gems. I bought this skirt from Legit from their collaboration with designer label Punk & Ivy. I had doubts when I first saw it in-store. But then I loved it so much I took the chance & told myself I will return it if I get home & its selfish. Meaning it doesn’t play well with my other clothes &. Needles to say I have worn it in so many ways, my Instagram is proof. Something like this can easily transform into a more classy evening look buy just pulling up the skirt & wearing it as a boob tube. Don’t shy away from golds, mix your golds with black, white, red etc. On the other hand I am stilleto & high heels girl all the way. I generally struggle with flats & sneakers. I am also kind of into wearing shirts & skirts lately so I took out this skirt and paired it with the classic converse sneakers. You can wear something like this if you are that girl who wants to stay classic and covered up. I know some people prefer to cover up and I think  this look does that so well. The white shirt is always a classic.  One tip I can always give you is, always use the white shirt to your advantage, its always going to look good, day or night.

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