Hello 2020 !

What is it about the new year that gives one hope. A new drive and fire gets lit that hopefully will not dim come Easter. I, like many am a serial procrastinator. Year in & out I say I will & never do. Sure I get things done but I know I have potential to get even more done. 2020 is no different. I am planning to get more done & hoping by December 31, I can be proud. Plus 2020 has an extra day in the year so that’s incentive enough.

Be the person you imagine in your head. Just take the 1st step & try. Lets Conquer 2020.

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Any Tips on How To Get My Groove Back?

I am in quite a style rut. I really am not inspired when it comes to clothing, and other areas of my life. What I seems to be helping me is using my planning skills to get me going. I wrote about this here & how I go about it.

As a “blogger” or someone who loves styling & sharing that type of content, this sets me back and makes me feel like I am wasting my time or even, do I even have it, it being the ability to share style related content?

Any advice on what helps you get your groove back after a slump?

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Same But Different

The one item many ways videos are trending & various posts have been done about the topic. It’s one of my favourite things to do solely because I dress by the simple rule of making each item in my closet work to the max for me. I bumped into these snake print beauties. I’ve been also wanting to try neon green & this was just the perfect hue, not that shocking bright one. Anyways here are two ways I am wearing these two together.

You can shop this slip dress in the link directly below

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WE are so excited to keep working and making happiness. As part of the DiNi brand, we have re branded the blog from dineostyled to diniblog. This just made more sense for growth and the general direction we want to take. Thank you for always stopping by. The exciting part is that you can now shop from the blog and the store. Some of our products will be linked to able to take you directly to the product, how exciting

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Winter Styling

Hi there. If you are like and me & hate winter, then dressing up for the season becomes a nightmare. I really have no winter specific clothes. I rotate my wardrobe(mostly summer)to take me through winter. One of Read more

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I started a clothing brand that I am sooo passionate about. We are working hard to grow & make awesome, quality affordable clothing for all women. Your Support would be highly appreciated. Here are some items we have in-store. You c an shop here i.e. dini.co.za. Thank you always for stopping by.


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At first I thought these pants and top combination would never go well together. The pants are wide legged at the bottom who\ile the top is also flared. I’m my head I imagined they would Read more